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Re-roofing Perth

If you are renovating or extending your home then talk to the re-roofing experts.

Re-Roofing is the process of installing a new roofing system in place of an existing roofing system and the experienced team at Turnill Roofing offer a great range of re-roofing services for both home and commercial buildings throughout Perth.

There are a number of factors that can require a roof to be repaired or replaced. Age and damage from weather are the most common factors, but poor roof design and bad installation can also dramatically reduce the life of a roof.

By detecting areas of weakness and potential failure, the risk of water penetration can be greatly reduced, lowering if not preventing costly further repairs. In some cases, repairs can be performed, extending the current life of the roofing system.

A roof inspection will also assist the home owner to develop a maintenance schedule and budget for future years to come - avoiding being hit with a large renovation expense without former financial preparation.

Roof Repairs

Roof repair and maintenance is important to the beauty and integrity of your home and business. Your roof protects you from the harsh elements of the winter. Periodic maintenance and repairs can save you from the costs of roof failures and leaking, especially in older structures.

Trust your roof repairs to Turnill Roofing and our team of experienced roof repairers. We can quickly assess the damage to you roof and advise on a range of different repair options and we proudly provide a full line of residential and commercial roof repair services throughout Perth.


Gutters Downpipes and Fascias


Storm Water gutters and downpipes is one of the most important steps in re-roofing. Often neglected gutters are important to longevity of your roof as they prevent water from entering your roof space.

It cannot be overemphasized just how important rain gutters are. They not only act as collecting agents for rain water, but they also perform the task of cleaning up the roof of any dirt and garbage such as fallen leaves.

Turnill Roofing can replace and install gutters, downpipes, fascias and drains in a range or profiles and colours to match your home.

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